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In recent years, technological based universities in Taiwan have been internationally recognized. Japan and South Korea have also emphasized to transform universities into technological based universities. At present, Fortune Institute of Technology (FIT) has positioned itself with deepening the content of technical education and being a leader in the local industry. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on educational cooperation, FIT build cooperation with more than 400 companies in developing practical courses concluding practical teaching and internship to train practical talents for the industry.


[From left to right] The president of Fortune Institute of Technology, the general manager of CSBC Corporation Taiwan, the principal of Kao Ying Commercial Vocational High School, and the principal of Dah Yung Senior High School jointly signed the training plan for shipbuilding industry.



The characteristic of Fortune University is “Devote to technology as well as to be down-to-earth on employment’. Bring into play running-school characteristic conducted the spirit of innovation and creativity to reach the educational goal—‘turning into the company’s best partner’ comes with the approach of apprenticeship conducts technology implementation so that it has gotten a completely new impression from other universities had under the traditional and typical academic zone.


Fortune University has received a remarkable performance assessment in mechatronics, welding, detection, application internet, and hospitality management that were ahead of their time among universities around Taiwan.


Fortune University not only focus on connecting to industries but has more than 400 collaborated firms, and the top industry experts to direct students to learn in implements. Moreover, Fortune cultivates students in pragmatic professional skills and has operated yearly 94% graduating students find the jobs.


There are four colleges in Fortune University: engineering, business management, cultural and creative design, and hospitality & beverage. Besides, all of those colleges were required to build up their own requirement and corresponding industry, set the teaching goal, and key features in order to carry out the goal and characteristic of running-school. In addition to engaging the service of some professional skillful industry divisions according to requirements for technology cultivation, the professional implement training sites and examination workshops were set up for teaching and technology improvement like: Level B, C technician for interior wiring work of Ministry of Labor, a qualified site for electrical equipment inspection and training.


Apart from these, a AWS (American Welding Society) qualified inspection field of Fortune University which is the only inspection one for welding and non-destructive inspection in South of Taiwan meets up the standard of AWS, the Only CATIA curved design professional software lab built up for cultivating design talented assistants who are specializing in aircraft, vessels and warships, offshore wind turbines.


An Internet of Things Centre from Fortune University is set to promote the allied collaborations between academies and industries. We constantly collaborate on Academy-Industry of Coast Guard Administration, Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., and civil major enterprises to innovate kinds of application technologies of Internet of Things which deal with difficulties.

Not only the best in Asia but also excusive national only the Hydroelectricity Technology Centre of Fortune University officially kicked off at the signing & ribbon-cutting ceremony held by government-industry-university that announcing Fortune Institute of Technology (Fortune University) is an exclusive and unique university for cultivating the professional hydropower talents Technology.                                                                                        




Some notion about consolidated colleges

We’re expecting to convey the successful prime vocational experiences to other countries in order to integrate the innovation and resource by faculty between your university and ours. We hope to build a cultivating base for advanced technical and management talents and offer practical courses meeting up college level likely. With regard to fulfil the talents wanted of enterprises we have the notion about consolidated university.

 Four-year-system college customized for cultivating a talent who possess the technical ability and solution to the problems


The significant departments of consolidated colleges


1. Department of Electrical EngineeringMechatronics, Green Energy Technology



2. Department of Information ManagementApplied Internet of Things, Digital secretary



3.Department of Hotel ManagementHotel Management, Butler training


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